The Alabama Tourism Department has recognized The Alabama Butterbean Festival as one of the State’s Top 10 events for September 2010! We believe once you’ve experienced The Alabama Butterbean Festival, it won’t take any arm-twisting on our part to convince you that The Alabama Tourism Department couldn’t be more correct.

Our Arts and Crafts Market is just one of our many signature activities that played a part in helping us qualify for such an honorable title. The Market offers such a wide variety of arts and crafts that you might want to go ahead and plan on bringing along that extra suitcase just to store all the items that you’ll fall in love with and just have to have… as you continue shopping for more! (This is just a little advice that we like to give folks before they visit. We found it saves a lot of people from heartbreak).

We look forward to seeing you at this year 5th Annual Alabama Butterbean Festival’s Arts and Crafts Market. Just remember… get a good night’s sleep so you won’t drop while you shop! See you there!

A few pictures of our Arts and Crafts Market from past festivals: