Come join us at The 2010 Alabama Butterbean Festival as we attempt to break the world record for the largest pot of butterbeans ever! This pot is SO HUGE its production date began in January of 2010! Wow, it sure takes a while to build such an enormous pot which houses enough butterbeans to break the current world record!

Well, one thing is for sure….we’re all about butterbeans. And, we like sharing the spotlight with others. We’re inviting YOU and your friends to actually be a part in making world- record- breaking butterbean history. Folks, it just doesn’t get any butterbeanier than this! If you would like to help us cook these soon-to-be record breaking beans, we would love to have your group! You must pre-register your group for this opportunity, (we have to plan ahead for the amount of people who would like to make history), and we’ll have more specific details for you very soon.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, you may email us directly from the “contact us” page on this web site. (Our address and telephone number are included on that page as well).

Come join us at The 2010 Alabama Butterbean Festival this fall…Let’s make history together!