Do your kids complain because there’s “nothing to do?” Are they tired of the same ole’ boring weekends? Well, if that’s the case, then your search for relief is over. The Alabama Butterbean Festival is guaranteed to bring back the life in your kids with our Kid’s Zone!

And! We’ll have even more activities this year than we did last year! It just keeps getting better and better! The festival will have two new rides in 2010: Frog Hopper & Up Roar as well as kid’s all-time favorites of Pirates Revenge, Mind Winder, 26’ Rock Wall Climb, Swing Ride, NASCAR Racer Train Ride, Toddler Combo, Crayon Playland, 24’ Screamer Dual Lane Slide…need we list more?

Just imagine…happy faces and good family memories being made. Did we mention happy faces? (Yes, those do still exist….in case you were wondering). And, did we mention affordable? You may purchase tickets for individual activities (some are free!) or purchase a wristband for $15 and your child can ride till their hearts are content or you make them go home.

Come join us at The 2010 Alabama Butterbean Festival. Your kids will appreciate you so much; they may even clean their room. Ha! We thought that would get your attention!